About Me

I am a Ph.D student at University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Computer Science. Presently, I am working as a research assistant in Wi-Pi Lab.I got my B.Tech and M.Tech in Engineering Physics (with specialization in Nanoscience) in Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay. After that, I started my graduate school in 2016 with research in Neutrino Physics where I worked on the Askaryan Radio Array. The experiment is located at the geographic South Pole where the ultra high energy neutrinos interact with the ice and generate radio signal. Over the years, my interests started to shift towards computer science and I realized that I was interested in Natural Language Processing and it’s applications in Privacy research. Soon after that, I switched to the graduate program in Computer Science. You can find more about my research here.

My hometown is Jaipur, India; also known as the pink city due it’s trademark building color. Apart from research, I am interested in cooking, in particular experimenting with new recipes and adding an Indian twist (mostly just adding the spices that I like) to them. I also enjoy several sports like Cricket, Volleyball and all Racquet sports.


PriSEC: A Privacy Settings Enforcement Controller
Rishabh Khandelwal, Thomas Linden, Hamza Harkous, Kassem Fawaz
USENIX Security, 2021

Surfacing Privacy Settings using Semantic Matching
Rishabh Khandelwal, Asmit Nayak, Yao Yao, Kassem Fawaz
PrivateNLP@EMNLP, 2020

The Privacy Policy Landscape After the GDPR
Thomas Linden, Rishabh Khandelwal, Hamza Harkous, Kassem Fawaz
PETS, 2020

Publications In Neutrino Physics

Sterile neutrinos in astrophysical neutrino flavor
Carlos A. Argüelles, Kareem Farrag,Teppei Katorid, Rishabh Khandelwal, Shivesh Mandalia and Jordi Salvado
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, 2020

Optimization of an ARA like Radio Neutrino Detector in Ice
Rishabh Khandelwal, Ming-Yuan Lu, Albrecht Karle
35th International Cosmic Ray Conference 2017

Askaryan Radio Array neutrino detector: status and design considerations for the future
Rishabh Khandelwal, Lu, Ming-Yuan, Karle, Albrecht, ARA Collaboration
APS April Meeting 2018